DRC Conducts a 3-day Critique Workshop for TIS Online Courses

10th-12th January 2024

The Digital Resource Center, UBEC held a workshop to enhance the training courses on ICT and Blended Learning developed for participants in the Teacher Internship Scheme (TIS). The exercise also aimed to evaluate, critique and correct the visual design and content organization thereby improving engagement, comprehension and accessibility for the teachers. Facilitators with expertise in education and instructional design guided the critiquing process.

The Teacher Internship Scheme (TIS) is a program initiated by UBEC to enhance the skills of graduate teachers in smart education. The program lasts for two years and recruits teachers from all across the country. Once enrolled, they are posted to smart schools or e-learning centers nationwide. The TIS has components such as mentorship, professional development, a Smart Education Primer Course, a postgraduate diploma, practical experience, a teaching assistantship and community service.

The Smart Education Primer course, coordinated by the Digital Resource Centre, will begin six months before the PGD program. The DRC collaborated with experts to develop training content for the interns which is being critiqued to ensure optimum quality and standard.