UBEC DRC Visits Imisi 3D and CC Hub on Partnership

23rd-25th January 2024

The Digital Resource Center UBEC is seeking to collaborate with Imisi 3D to set up and run augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) laboratories at the Centre. The National Coordinator Prof. Bashir Galadanci explained this during a visit to their office in Lagos. The proposed partnership aims to provide DRC staff and smart schoolteachers with the necessary skills to operate the AR and VR equipment and improve their competencies. Additionally, it will enable the teachers to cost-effectively develop AR and VR content for learners.

Similarly, during a visit to the Co-creation Hub (CC Hub), the National Coordinator expressed the Commission's eagerness to collaborate with CC Hub to replicate their Teachers' Lounge concept. The Teachers' Lounge is a free space where teachers can collaborate, learn skills, and improve their teaching competencies. The Commission is impressed with CC Hub's achievements in the Ed-tech ecosystem and its efforts to promote creativity and innovation in education.

At the end of the visit, CC Hub was scheduled to participate in a workshop slated for 8th-9th February 2024 at the DRC, UBEC. The workshop will focus on recreating the teachers' lounge at the DRC and will involve discussions, planning and the establishment of clear terms of partnership and collaboration.