UBEC DRC holds Course Design Workshop for TIS Participants

30th October-3rd November 2023

The Digital Resource Center, UBEC, conducted a five-day Workshop to design a veritable Digital Training Course Programme for TIS participants to adequately equip them for their roles as support teachers in the UBEC Smart Schools.

The Teacher Internship Scheme (TIS) programme is a strategic initiative aimed at recruiting fresh qualified education graduates and transforming teacher trainees into educators who are well-prepared for the demands of modern, technology-driven classrooms.

To ensure the effective performance of their roles, TIS participants need to possess a diverse skill set. This includes proficiency in digital literacy, the ability to leverage digital learning tools, mastery of blended learning pedagogy and expertise in classroom management, among other essential competencies.

The TIS programme is a crucial step toward addressing the gaps in teaching personnel and enhancing the quality of education within Nigeria's basic education institutions.